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Tidebrooks mission is to be the North West's  premier LTL & Partials Expeditor. We have the most extensive network across North America through the Landstar Network. Service to and from Canada, USA & Mexico. 

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We are the North West's premier LTL & Partials Expeditor providing integrated world wide express. We have the most extensive domestic network covering 50 States, 10 Provinces, 3 Territories & much of Mexico.

Our vision is to establish a continuing relationships with our shippers,  truckers and  capacity providers alike. Working together to move each load safe, successful, timely and cost effective.

Fast, Safe and Reliable


Through the Landstar Network, we have access to 10,500 Landstar Capacity Providers, 59,000+ partner carriers. Landstar represents one of the safest, most reliable transportation providers in business today. 



Landstar Systems is a 4.5 billion dollar company operating for over 30 years as a safe & reliable carrier and business partner to 1000's of businesses worldwide. This gives us extensive pricing  & capacity options for moving your assets.

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Mon-Sat 7:00AM to 5:00PM (Sunday On Call) Yes! we are available after hours.

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Landstar operates at 99% damage free


Building long term relationships between shippers, carriers and businesses alike.


Ability to deliver all types of freight, from big to small, anywhere in North America.

User Friendly

We work with your existing Model and customize to our clients needs.

Working with Landstar

Technology, Tracking, Best Rates and the tools to get anything moved in North America and Globally.

Damage Free99%


Who is Tidebrook?

Tidebrook Motors Ltd, is a Landstar Agency dedicated to moving freight across North America on a safe, reliable and sustainable business model benefiting all that cross our paths.

Why Landstar?

Landstar is a powerful name in the Transport Industry, representing one of the safest, most secure and reliable transportation providers in the business today.

How do I get Rates or Book a Load?

You can call us, send a email or schedule a zoom call. It takes a few minutes to get setup and get you going. We make it easy to book a load or get a rate. 1-888-711-1826

What is a LTL load?

Less than truckload (LTL) is used for the transport of small freight or when freight does not require the use of an entire trailer. This method of shipping  can be used when freight weighs between 150 and 15,000 pounds. LTL is shipped on common carrier networks and are often cross docked.

What is a Partial Load?

Partial truckload is a transport mode for medium to large shipments that may not require the use of a full truckload trailer.

Partial truckload falls between LTL and full truckload, typically involving shipments over 5,000 pounds or 6 or more pallets.

Partial truckload shipments do not require a freight class is required  to secure a rate, involve less handling, and result in faster transit times. Most partials are shipped direct simplifying tracking & delivery.

Stepdeck/Heavy Haul & Specialized?

Need something bigger? We specialize in specialized solutions. Landstar is a recognized leader in over-dimensional and heavy haul transportation services. Whether hauling a single machine or managing a complex project, Landstar has you covered.

Landstar has the experience, capacity and equipment you need. Our vast array of specialized equipment includes: flatbeds, stepdecks, double drops, extendables, multi-axles, steerables, lowboys with 40-80 ton capacity, RGN units, Schnabels, beam, perimeter and blade trailers.

Add to the mix our unmatched commitment to safety, and you’ll understand why Landstar is the right choice when it comes to oversized, heavy weight freight.